The perfect frying is an art, and to achieve it, of course, is essential to follow a few simple rules, and then, above all, you need the right tools. The pan, in general, is chosen by those who rarely fries. But, even in these cases, to obtain an excellent result, it is appropriate to follow some directions.


frying panTo obtain excellent fried food  the most appropriate pan in the one made with iron because it allows a more gradual heating of the oil. In addition, it is preferable to use pans to form large, low, and with straight edges. The ideal is the Lyonese pan which, in France, is used exclusively for frying. Steel is a practical alternative to the iron, which, however, requires careful maintenance to prevent rust. More material of choice is copper, being an excellent conductor of heat, heats evenly. The non-stick material, such as Teflon or ceramic, on the other hand, precisely because of their quality, are suitable for those who want to cook with low fat.


the casseroleWho fries regularly, but prefer not to give in to the fryer, could choose a flared saucepan with a frying basket that ensures homogeneous cooking. Only problem, compared to the fryer, in this case is to control the temperature of the oil that, if left overheat, can exceed the smoking point giving a burnt flavor to the food.


wokfryThanks to its hemispherical shape, the wok, which comes from the oriental cuisine, is equally valid for those who want to try the fried perfect. Its shape makes it possible to fry small amounts of food at a time and also save on the amount of oil to pour inside.